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Aylward Game Solicitors Launches Data Science-Powered Law Service for Family Law

Aylward Game Solicitors Launches Data Science-Powered Law Service for Family Law
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  • September 14, 2017

Aylward Game Solicitors Launches Data Science-Powered Law Service for Family Law

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Aylward Game, the Brisbane Law Firm that uses data science and artificial intelligence to help family law clients receive more efficient legal services, has launched a service that sets up meetings on behalf of family lawyers with the information identified as most pertinent to the case.

The system is currently live and available now to all Aylward Game clients and visitors to the Aylward Game Brisbane Family Law website.

Aylward Game Solicitors and Settify have collaborated to release advanced technology to assist their family lawyers to service increasing client demand. Both firms believe that the future of the legal profession is cooperation between human lawyers and technological assistance.

As the world experiences continued technological evolution in most areas of life, the modern family law firm too is seeing the emergence of alternative ways for people to resolve their family law matters. The aim is to make amicable separations routine.

“Whilst there will always be a core of our clients for whom automation cannot provide the full solution. The crucial thing to attract, retain and delight those clients will be to demonstrate to them that they have received the best service they could, not just from their lawyers, but from the tech-enabled framework surrounding their lawyers,” said Mark Game, Founder of Aylward Game Solicitors.

There are several key reasons why any person facing a family law matter will benefit from this new technology as it intelligently interacts with enquiries, provides customised help, and compiles a full brief of initial instructions before a meeting has even taken place. This can save countless hours and big cost from the outset as well as providing clear information for all parties.

  1. Turn Browsing Into Discovering
    Gone are the days of endless phone calls, filling in form after form and opening up one’s soul to perfect strangers trying to find a lawyer you like… Learn more about your position and feel comfort without pressure.
  2. Meet Your Lawyer Where You Are
    Clients save time and money without needing to travel and spend wasted time due to an augmented phone, email and web enquiry systems providing important initial information in a sophisticated way.
  3. Get A Head Start
    Web based clients can take matters into their own hands by setting a clear brief to cover important points quickly and clearly. The lawyer then goes into an initial meeting with fulsome knowledge of the position at hand.

Continues Mark Game, “We exist to help members of the community facing family law problems to understand their options by focusing our efforts on strategy and solutions. Adding the Settify service to our already proven parallel technology so our customers can act immediately on new opportunities was a natural progression of our mission.”

More information on Aylward Game Solicitors can be found at aywlardgame.com.au

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Aylward Game, https://www.aywlardgame.com.au , is a Brisbane, Queensland-based solicitor and family law firm founded in 1998, combines people and data science to create an effective legal support for those facing a range of legal matters and avoid the pain of missing opportunities in their personal sphere.

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