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Meet our business, civil and family law clients for more Brisbane lawyer testimonials from throughout Brisbane & Australia and contact Aylward Game Solicitors for more information on your matter on 1800 217 217.

Great service, knowledgeable people and always happy to help me when I needed it. Affordable pricing and prompt replies! Highly recommended for doing your conveyancing.

Lewis Taylor

Aylward Game Solicitors have been invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. They assisted me to understand my court case. I was dealing with a court case, bills, and the overwhelming emotions involved in knowing I had to represent myself in court. Aylward Game Solicitors walked me through the process and made it easier for me to understand. I am so thankful and grateful for there ongoing leniency and assistance provided.


Before I got advice from Aylward Game Solicitors, I was stressed and unsure where I stood in my childs situation. Now it is clear and feel more comfortable knowing where I stand. I would highly recommend if you have any sort of Family matter to contact Ian Field and get advice. He is easy to talk to and makes everything very clear in your mind where before I was stressed and confused. I definitely made a good decision to get advice.

Jack T

I would like to thank the team at Aylward Game Solicitors, for their outstanding service with the preparation of our Will and Power of Attorney. It is such a relief to have these sorted as you never know when you will need them. I have also seeked advice from Aylward Game before, they make understanding legal matters a breeze. I would without doubt recommend them for any legal requirements. Thank You again to the team at Aylward Game Solicitors.

Lea A

Thanks again Ian & Greg. Josh & I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both once again for working with us on getting this done at such a busy time of the year. Have a lovely Christmas and a happy & safe New Year. Tanya & Josh

Tanya and Josh

Thank you James for everything you have done for me. You have been a real joy for me. The only lawyer who really worked for me and someone I could trust implicitly. I first tried others with devastating results. I wish I had gone to you first. You have been wonderful and I honour and respect you and your knowledge of the law. It has been a very great pleasure knowing you. I will highly recommend you to anyone about to face annulation by their Ex.

Carole S

The Partners of Aylward Game, Mark and Ian, are the most practical solution oriented Lawyers we have ever dealt with. They are totally committed to their clients both business and personal. They look for workable solutions; professional recommendations and are committed to resolutions rather than costly delays. They are the Legal People you need to have on your team.

Steve Marsten, Director at Sothertons Gladstone

I would like to say that dealing with Ian Field was an experience I will never forget. I contacted Ian in regards to a family law matter after my ex partner decided that I should not have the right to see or communicate with my two young boys aged 6 and 8 simply because she was angry and bitter about our separation. I have never dealt with any law professionals before this time and expected a very different scenario believing that solicitors just do their job follow the law and hope for a good outcome for their clients. I was very wrong when it came to dealing with Ian, from our first meeting at his office I felt his genuine care, compassion and understanding. Ian made me feel like he makes all his clients feel like their case is the most important even though he has so many to deal with. Ian was happy to phone or email me at any time I had a question or concern and his quick and professional response always made me feel positive. I would like to thank Ian for being there for me at probably the lowest time in my life he was very professional but at the same time Ian was compassionate and caring to my needs. I am sure that Ian and Aylward Game strive to resolve all matters as quickly and cost effectively as possible and their priority is getting the desired result for their clients. I am happy to say I am in daily telephone contact with my boys again and can visit them when I want to, my ex partner is now communicating with me better than ever before in regards to the children’s welfare. I would recommend Ian to anyone with family law issues he is a true professional in his field.

Peter M

I highly recommend Aylward Game Solicitors to anyone needing sound legal advice regarding family law and in particular managing the CSA process. Ian’s support and understanding was beyond reproach in what was a particularly stressful time in my life. Knowing I was receiving honest and reliable information gave me the peace of mind to get through the whole ordeal. Ian’s advice was invalauble in allowing me to move forward.

CB – Brisbane

Mark, thank you for the measured strategic and thoroughly researched vendor finance law presentation yesterday which resulted in an outcome even better than I had anticipated.

Lynn O

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