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New laws and changes that affect Australia from January 1, 2018 and beyond

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New laws and changes that affect Australia from January 1, 2018 and beyond

From January 1, there are a raft of changes coming to welfare, health, education, housing, gay marriage and many other living expenses. This is what’s coming and how it may affect you and your family across Australia. WELFARE $10 million will be set aside for treatment services for job seekers affected by proposed drug testing […]

Articles January 5, 2018


The Conveyancing process is about to get a whole lot simpler. In 2014, the national government implemented a national conveyancing system via Property Exchange Australia or PEXA, an online property exchange system that allows property transactions to go paperless. With PEXA being integrated into most of Australia’s major states, the future of online settlements providing […]

Articles January 21, 2016

A Happy New Year for 2016

With another satisfying year in 2015 we enter 2016 with an extremely busy start. Numerous appointments have been made. New family law and commercial law clients have already come aboard and our lawyers are extremely busy handling a variety of interesting law matters. We are looking forward to the family law and residential conveyancing matters to spike […]

Articles January 12, 2016

Surrogacy: is it legal in Australia?

Altruistic surrogacy is legal, but commercial surrogacy is not. So none of the parents involved can make a profit from the arrangement. What happens if you enter into a commercial surrogacy arrangement overseas? The consequences back in Australia vary slightly from state to state, but certainly in Queensland it is a criminal offence and if you […]

Articles December 8, 2015

Aylward Game Holiday Trading Hours

Our office is closed for the Christmas period from midday 24 December 2015 until 8:30am 4 January 2016 Whilst we will be checking messages over this period, please note that our appointments made after midday on December 24th 2015 will not be seen until after the New Year start on January 4th 2016. Please note […]

Articles December 6, 2015

7 Things to Make Your Conveyancing Easier (For You!!)

Our resident Conveyancing Solicitor Greg Jones gives some tips on ensuring a smooth property transaction every single time. THE OLD DOCK PILOTS When I was growing up I used to love going to the dock area in my home town of Southampton (no pommy cricket jokes please !!) and watch the dock pilots guide large vessels, […]

Articles Courts October 9, 2015

Looking For A Law Job? The Fate Of Young Lawyers

What is the fate of young lawyers? Recently, Aylward Game advertised for a para-legal. In its wake were very few para-legals applying, but instead there were  law graduates and recently admitted legal practitioners. The firm specified that the role was unlikely to advance to a Solicitor’s role in the foreseeable future and they lined up […]

Articles Employment Law September 25, 2015

Fingerprint and DNA Testing for Employees

Fingerprint and DNA testing: Would you let your employer fingerprint you and take your DNA? Of course not. You are wrong, it is about to be implemented at a prominent Brisbane Hospital. Fingerprinting that is. George Orwell 1984 eat your heart out, Pink Floyd will need to release ‘Another Brick in the Wall-Part 4’. This goes […]

Articles Social Media September 17, 2015

Our New Prime Minister: Was It Constitutional?

Turnbull, Abbott, Rudd, Gillard, Rudd – How many times does Prime Minister appear in the Australian Constitution? ZERO –that is absolutely correct. The Governor-General scores 90 mentions and the Queen scores 21. Since 3 December 2007 Australia has had the following Prime Ministers: Kevin Rudd (twice); Julia Gillard; Tony Abbott; Malcolm Turnbull. Now whatever your […]

Articles May 1, 2015

How Long Has Aylward Game Served As Brisbane Solicitors?

Aylward Game has served as Brisbane Solicitors since 1998 and brings together a team with nearly a century of experience. Whether your matter relates to commercial, and real estate law including conveyancing or complex family law matters – we will keep you ahead of the game. For a case evaluation, please contact us at your […]