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At Last The Secrets Of Instalment Contracts Fully Revealed

First, what is an instalment contract? An instalment contract is a contract for the sale of land, and where applicable, including improvements (that is, the house etc) which provides that: the purchase price is to be paid by a series of instalments (which may or may not include the payment of a deposit); the Buyer […]

What Is A Caveat And Do You Need One?

In Queensland title (ownership) in land (including where applicable, improvements – e.g a house) is determined by registration of your interest with the Land Titles Office, headed by the Registrar of Land Titles. Given the importance of registration, if you have an interest in land that for some reason is not registered there is a […]


Courts Family Law Litigation September 27, 2016

Is The Bar Marginalising Mediators?

Bar Marginalising Mediators This is the name of an article that appeared in The Australian’s Legal Affairs section on Friday 22 July 2016. Every Barrister when they start out, at least for a fleeting moment, aspire to the exalted rank of Silk. They yearn for those post-nominals, QC (Queens Counsel). Like the armed forces have […]

Courts September 5, 2016

Are the Legal Services Commission (LSC) taking you to QCAT?

A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. An important part of the procedure at QCAT is enshrined in section 32 of the Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal 2009 (Qld). This permits proceedings to be conducted ‘on the papers’ without resort to usual court procedures such as witnesses being cross-examined and the […]

Courts Financial Litigation July 6, 2016

Entering Into A Financial Agreement? Don’t Get Sold Short!

KEY POINTS FOR ENTERING INTO FINANCIAL AGREEMENTS Some helpful advice if you are considering entering into a Financial Agreement. Financial Agreements under the Family Law legislation are not simple agreements. There are certain requirements which must be complied with if the agreements are to be binding. If these requirements are not properly dealt with the […]

What Was Johnny Depp Thinking?

A messy split with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as reported in ‘New Idea’, just fifteen (15) months after Marriage. Amber filed for Divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and is seeking spousal support. As suggested in the article, ‘Johnny had no idea it was coming’. Johnny had no pre-nup in place. A bad […]

5 Common Family Law Myths

Our family lawyers chime in on their top 5 family law myths that you may not know about… A Couple need to live together for 6 months to qualify as a de facto relationship. We hear this one a lot, and we don’t know where it comes from! The Family Law Act says that in […]

Articles Courts Criminal Law April 20, 2016

Discrimination On Public Transport

Crime, particularly against women travelling for both work and pleasure, is a well-known and unpleasant issue that has been an unfortunate aspect of the public transport scene in most capital cities for many years. A recent survey has noted 2,859 criminal offences against women on public transport, including almost 19 sexual offences, since September 2012. […]

Courts Litigation March 8, 2016

Administrative Remedies

There are there branches of Government, namely: Parliament; The Courts; and The Executive. Parliament writes the laws, the Courts interpret them and the Executive enforces these laws. Perhaps it is an influence of American Television that we are programmed the only way to resolve our legal problems is via litigation.  This is often the answer […]


Articles Courts November 1, 2015


Independence. That is the one word that forms the bedrock of our judicial system. Judges must be seen to be independent, and actually be independent. Appointment to the bench necessarily curtails the judge’s social life. As the old saying goes – it is lonely at the top. In Lewis v Judge Ogden (1984) 153 CLR […]