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Family DNA Profiling: The gift that keeps on giving

Family DNA Profiling: The gift that keeps on giving
Aylward Game Solicitors
December 7, 2018

With Christmas approaching, many people may be considering giving as a gift a DNA ancestry kit for family DNA profiling. These are an interesting way of undertaking research into your family history and finding out the background of where your ancestors might have come from. This is often used in association with various websites, where the…

New laws and changes that affect Australia from January 1, 2018 and beyond

From January 1, there is a raft of changes coming to welfare, health, education, housing, gay marriage and many other living expenses. This is what’s coming and how it may affect you and your family across Australia. WELFARE $10 million will be set aside for treatment services for job seekers affected by proposed drug testing…

Baden-Clay At The High Court
Aylward Game Solicitors
July 21, 2016

It was widely-publicized that on 15 July 2014 Gerard Baden-Clay was convicted by a Supreme Court jury of the murder of his wife, Allison Baden-Clay. On 8 December 2015 the Queensland Court of Appeal set aside the conviction of murder of Mr Baden-Clay and substituted a conviction of manslaughter. (Murder is the unlawful killing of…

Discrimination On Public Transport
Aylward Game Solicitors
April 20, 2016

BACKGROUND Crime, particularly against women traveling for both work and pleasure, is a well-known and unpleasant issue that has been an unfortunate aspect of the public transport scene in most capital cities for many years. A recent survey has noted 2,859 criminal offenses against women on public transport, including almost 19 sexual offenses, since September…

Domestic Violence is now part of our Criminal Code
Aylward Game Solicitors
February 1, 2016

Domestic Violence whether the perpetrator is male or female, directed against a partner or in the worst scenario against children, in any form is not acceptable in our community. Has the recent plethora of media attention supported or encouraged false claims to be made is another question. MEDIA EXPOSURE If one believes the media attention…

A High Old Time at Magistrates Court
Aylward Game Solicitors
October 30, 2015

Our Special Counsel, Mr Sara, was commissioned to act as an associate of a long-standing client in Murwillumbah Local Magistrates Court, far North Eastern NSW. The client, a company director, had been charged with drive whilst disqualified by Court order. Serious stuff – it is a contempt of Court. Anyway, the Red SS commodore was…

The Bizarre Bomb Hoaxes of Uk Barrister Michael Shrimpton
Aylward Game Solicitors
December 2, 2014

Michael Shrimpton’s  criminal trial continues as he defends two counts of making bomb hoaxes. In 2012 he called the Defence Secretary warning him that the Queen would be blown up with a nuclear bomb. He alleged this bomb had been stolen from a sunken Russian Ship by German terrorists, smuggled into the UK, and was…

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Aylward Game Solicitors
July 29, 2014

The recent decision of the Full Federal Court in the appeal in Richardson –v- Oracle Corporation Australia means the potential penalties for Employers who fail to take comprehensive steps to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace have increased significantly. The court found that Oracle was vicariously liable for the conduct of Mr Randol Tucker in…

Work Place Sexual Harassment
Aylward Game Solicitors
January 14, 2014

In the decision in a case known as Ewin v Vergara (No. 3) (2013) the Federal Court has clarified the position under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 as to what is a workplace for the purposes of unlawful sexual harassment. In this case the Respondent attempted to argue that common areas of the office, such…

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