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Divorce Peak-hour: Survive The Nights

Divorce Peak-hour: Survive The Nights
Aylward Game Solicitors
January 26, 2018

DID YOU KNOW? January is said to be the busiest time for divorce application - but we also know the peak hour for unhappy couples to decide they want to take the plunge and contact a lawyer. We’ve found "Divorce hour" - the busiest time for online inquiries - is between 12.30 and 1 am,…

A Divorce Lawyer Has Responsibilities Beyond The Courtroom
Aylward Game Solicitors
September 20, 2017

For some people who are about to embark on divorce proceedings, they may assume their lawyer is only crucial for court representation. In reality, the dissolution of marriage is a process that comprises numerous moving parts. Thus, your divorce lawyer will have additional responsibilities other than simply being your court representative. Some of the roles…

Divorce as usual isn’t the only choice. Collaborative practice
Aylward Game Solicitors
January 6, 2017

That's correct. Divorce as usual isn't the only choice any longer. Introducing collaborative practice. It produces solutions, not casualties. Too often, divorce becomes a declaration of war between the parties. You've seen the staggering losses in your self-esteem, dignity, inner peace, and well-being. When children are involved, you may feel the hurt deepest and longest.…

What Was Johnny Depp Thinking?
Aylward Game Solicitors
June 8, 2016

WHAT WAS JOHNNY DEPP THINKING? A messy split with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as reported in ‘New Idea’, just fifteen (15) months after Marriage. Amber filed for Divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and is seeking spousal support. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="531"] Image Courtesy: Perez Hilton[/caption] As suggested in the article, ‘Johnny had…

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