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What you should know about same-sex marriage

Family Law

Family Law January 16, 2018

What you should know about same-sex marriage

Now that Australia has become the 26th country worldwide to legislate to allow same sex marriage, what actual changes will this mean in Australia? Following changes to the Family Law Act that were made in 2008, the Family Courts already had the necessary powers to deal with property settlement disputes between de-facto couples, including same […]

New laws and changes that affect Australia from January 1, 2018 and beyond

From January 1, there are a raft of changes coming to welfare, health, education, housing, gay marriage and many other living expenses. This is what’s coming and how it may affect you and your family across Australia. WELFARE $10 million will be set aside for treatment services for job seekers affected by proposed drug testing […]

Family Law September 14, 2017

Aylward Game Solicitors Launches Data Science-Powered Law Service for Family Law

Aylward Game, the Brisbane Law Firm that uses data science and artificial intelligence to help family law clients receive more efficient legal services, has launched a service that sets up meetings on behalf of family lawyers with the information identified as most pertinent to the case.

Family Law July 31, 2017

The Ugly Truth About Child Custody Dispute Resolution Finally Revealed

Child custody disputes fall under the Family Dispute Resolution umbrella (FDR) in Australian law. Family dispute resolution involves a host of services offered by legal entities and other organisations, which are designed towards helping separated couples resolve issues affecting them and their families. This section will uncover the truths behind the process of resolving child custody disputes.

Divorce Law Family Law January 6, 2017

Divorce as usual isn’t the only choice. Collaborative practice

That’s correct. Divorce as usual isn’t the only choice any longer. Introducing collaborative practice. It produces solutions, not casualties. Too often, divorce becomes a declaration of war between the parties. You’ve seen the staggering losses in your self-esteem, dignity, inner peace, and well-being. When children are involved, you may feel the hurt deepest and longest. […]

Family Law November 28, 2016

7 Simple Hacks To Resolve Family Disputes Over The Holidays (Like A Divorce Lawyer)

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of togetherness and joy. However, since family members may not always get along, holiday family gatherings can bring out conflict, stress and tension.  If you are contemplating attending a potentially difficult holiday gathering, read on. Consider the following tips to make the holiday a peaceful one […]

Family Law November 16, 2016

How To Find The Right Family Lawyer

Legal family matters may sometimes be simple, but finding the perfect lawyer might not. You may be at a loss, not knowing where to begin the search for legal assistance. By following a few simple guidelines, you can find the lawyer who is the right fit for both you and your case. Before contacting any lawyers, you must first identify the […]

Divorce Law Family Law June 8, 2016

What Was Johnny Depp Thinking?

WHAT WAS JOHNNY DEPP THINKING? A messy split with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as reported in ‘New Idea’, just fifteen (15) months after Marriage. Amber filed for Divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and is seeking spousal support. As suggested in the article, ‘Johnny had no idea it was coming’. Johnny had no […]

Courts Family Law April 29, 2016

5 Common Family Law Myths

Our family lawyers chime in on their top 5 family law myths that you may not know about… A Couple need to live together for 6 months to qualify as a de facto relationship. We hear this one a lot, and we don’t know where it comes from! The Family Law Act says that in […]

Family Law March 14, 2016

Explanations for Violent Behavior

The committee spent a good deal of time reviewing what is known about why people behave violently. Much has been written on this complex subject and it was clear to us that we should beware superficial explanations. Bearing in mind that the risk of violence depends on the interaction of a number of possible factors, […]