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Can’t afford your First Home? Flat Pack Housing FTW

Can’t afford your First Home? Flat Pack Housing FTW
Aylward Game Solicitors
November 16, 2018

Flat Pack Housing Saves Money With house prices seemingly on a "never-ending price rise", buying your first home may seem out of reach. However, buying your first home might not be as impossible as it seems.  There are companies within Australia who are now supplying “flat-pack” style housing from as little as $35,000.00. These houses…

It’s 8 weeks until Christmas! Will you be ready?
Aylward Game Solicitors
October 30, 2018

Are you amazed how quickly Christmas seems to come around each year? It’s only 8 weeks away so will you be ready this year? Have you thought about going away for Christmas? What about those adventures you always wanted to do when you get some downtime? But wait! Have you got to get a Will…

What is an Easement?
Aylward Game Solicitors
November 22, 2017

 The easements are rights attached to land, to use other lands in a particular way, that’s somebody else’s land it does not involve. The taking of natural resources or produce from the land, for example, timber or other vegetation or soil. It may, however, prevent the owner of the other land from using that…

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