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The hidden costs of property investment that nobody talks about

The hidden costs of property investment that nobody talks about

Are you considering investing your money into an investment property and becoming a property investor? If yes, you need to know what costs are involved and how to establish the best ownership structure for your asset. As many newcomers find out – it is not always a simple process to make an investment, especially in […]

Property Law Vendor Finance March 23, 2017

Can you really buy without banks?

Have you found a property you want to buy, but don’t have enough deposit (or sufficient credit history) to finance it? Or do you have a property that you would like to sell but the buyers who are interested are finding it difficult to get finance? Are you thinking of assisting your children to buy […]

At Last The Secrets Of Instalment Contracts Fully Revealed

First, what is an instalment contract? An instalment contract is a contract for the sale of land, and where applicable, including improvements (that is, the house etc) which provides that: the purchase price is to be paid by a series of instalments (which may or may not include the payment of a deposit); the Buyer […]

Articles Financial Property Law October 3, 2016


In the 2016 Queensland State Budget the Treasurer announced an intention to amend the Duties Act 2001 (QLD) to introduce additional transfer duty to foreign acquirers, to be known as Additional Foreign Acquirer Duty (“AFAD”). This new duty commences 1 October 2016. AFAD is an extra amount of duty that applies to transactions that are […]

What Is A Caveat And Do You Need One?

In Queensland title (ownership) in land (including where applicable, improvements – e.g a house) is determined by registration of your interest with the Land Titles Office, headed by the Registrar of Land Titles. Given the importance of registration, if you have an interest in land that for some reason is not registered there is a […]

Property Law September 24, 2016

How To Save Costs On Your Next Property Conveyancing Transaction

With Slater + Gordon announcing the closure of their Conveyancing Works division, it is timely that Aylward Game Solicitors have launched their partnership with Nectar mortgage brokers to offer high quality, full service residential conveyancing at a discounted rate. Clients who arrange their finance for the purchase of a home through Nectar and engage Aylward Game […]

Financial Property Law June 13, 2016

Home Stamp Duty Concessions Explained

Home Stamp Duty Concessions Explained It was Benjamin Franklin who, in 1789 at the time of the writing of the US Constitution, wrote that “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. Purchasing a new home is one of the most complex opportunities an individual will make in their […]

5 Common Family Law Myths

Our family lawyers chime in on their top 5 family law myths that you may not know about… A Couple need to live together for 6 months to qualify as a de facto relationship. We hear this one a lot, and we don’t know where it comes from! The Family Law Act says that in […]

The Four Stages of a Conveyancing Transaction PART ONE – Pre Contractual

Following on from my article on 7 Things That You Can Do to Make Your Conveyancer Happy I thought that it would be appropriate to give you a greater insight into the stages of the conveyancing process through a series of articles each covering each stage There are essentially 4 stages that cover the breadth […]

Have You Been Left Out Of A Will?

Don’t lose hope just yet! Your lawyer may be able to help by what is known as a Family Provision Claim to the Court. (Traditionally these claims were known as ‘Testator & Family Maintenance’ Claims). The well-known Bosch Lecture Theatre at Sydney University is a monument to this area of law. Mr Bosch donated all […]