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The Importance of Updating Your Will and Next-of-kin

The Importance of Updating Your Will and Next-of-kin
Aylward Game Solicitors
April 10, 2019

An undervalued, but most critical items, to at least consider, is updating your will, next-of-kin and any power of attorney documents you may have in place In fact, if someone has been divorced for many years and they’ve not updated their will documents and something happens to them, their assets could potentially go automatically to…

It’s 8 weeks until Christmas! Will you be ready?
Aylward Game Solicitors
October 30, 2018

Are you amazed how quickly Christmas seems to come around each year? It’s only 8 weeks away so will you be ready this year? Have you thought about going away for Christmas? What about those adventures you always wanted to do when you get some downtime? But wait! Have you got to get a Will…

Do I Need Estate Planning if I Don’t Own a Mansion?
Aylward Game Solicitors
July 12, 2018

Most of us know we need a will of some description, but when it comes to estate planning and dividing up an estate in the event of our eventual death, images of owning mansions and large packets of land and endless business entities spring to mind. Therefore we believe estate planning only applies to people…

Should You Use a DIY Will Kit or Hire An Attorney?
Aylward Game Solicitors
June 11, 2018

DIY will kits are becoming increasingly more popular and many are available for purchase online. Having a will is important on many levels, particularly if you have a sizeable estate, and even people with not much in the way of material possessions and money should still have some sort of will. Do Your Own Will?…

What is Power of Attorney and When Would You Need It ?
Aylward Game Solicitors
June 6, 2018

In simple terms, a power of attorney is a legal document where a person is nominated to act on your behalf (known as the agent) regarding your affairs. The document gives the nominated party the legal capacity to make decisions for you on things like financial matters and other duties. The person given power of…

Find out The Real Importance of Estate Planning and Having a Current Will
Aylward Game Solicitors
May 26, 2017

Why do you need a Will? If you die without a Will the law says you have died “intestate”, this means that you have left no valid instructions as to how your property will be distributed.  Your estate will then be divided up according to a formula in the legislation. Why do you need an…

Have You Been Left Out Of A Will?
Aylward Game Solicitors
March 9, 2016

Don't lose hope just yet! Your lawyer may be able to help by what is known as a Family Provision Claim to the Court. (Traditionally these claims were known as ‘Testator & Family Maintenance’ Claims). The well-known Bosch Lecture Theatre at Sydney University is a monument to this area of law. Mr Bosch donated all…

Brisbane Wills: Would you like to leave your Tattoos to your children? Make a will today!!
Aylward Game Solicitors
October 2, 2015

This is now possible in the USA. (source) It is now here, the National Association for Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA), USA. It is quite simple really. Any ‘inked’ American can make a contract with NAPSA and within 18 hours of their death they will arrange for the areas of their skin that are inked to…

Diy Will Kits
Aylward Game Solicitors
January 28, 2014

The importance of engaging a properly qualified and experienced Solicitor to undertake your Estate Planning Review and prepare your Will is well illustrated by the Supreme Court of Queensland decision in the case known as in the Will of Ethel Florence Panigas (deceased) and in the Will of John William Panigas (deceased). In that case…

Executors Take Care
Aylward Game Solicitors
January 16, 2014

A recent decision made in the Courts of Victoria highlights the importance of comprehensive Estate Planning and the need for Executors to take particular care when they are dealing with an Estate in which they may have a conflict of interest. In the case of Caruana and Ors v Caruana the son of the deceased…

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