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Charles Noble – Lawyer

Family Lawyer

Charles Noble – Lawyer

Family Lawyer

Charles Noble – Lawyer

Family Lawyer

Just when we thought we had enough nobility in our firm, we found Charles ensconced in a back office!! (He and James do know each other).


Growing up Charles took the long road through Churchie at school as a student from grade five to senior.

After completing school Charles studied science at university and dabbled in urban planning at the same time.

After Charles’ studies at university he followed the love of his life to live in London where continued to work as a tennis coach (the part time job that paid the bills and the tab at the Regatta Hotel throughout university).

Charles was the head Tennis Coach at a large sports and recreational club in Ealing where he rubbed shoulders with some of London’s most influential businessmen.

On returning to Australia in 2001 Charles decided to go into business for himself and founded Tennis West which would go on to coaching tennis throughout Brisbane, the Toowoomba region and the Sunshine Coast. Tennis West thrived throughout south east Queensland through the first decade of the new Millennium. During this time Charles became one of the first Master Club Professional Tennis Coaches with Tennis Australia and remains part of that small and select group.

During the early part of the century Charles got married and has two beautiful girls who call the western suburbs of Brisbane home.

Charles felt it was time to further his studies and make a career change as the Law had been calling him for many years. Therefore, he moved from one field of human endeavor resplendent with service and double faults, to another with the same attributes – Law!!


With a focus on alternative dispute resolution Charles Noble follows the ethos of James Noble Family Law in doing what we can to keep the clients we represent out of Court and keep their costs down. While Charles is equipped to take your matter to litigation if need be, Charles’ focus is on Mediation, Collaborative Law and using his sharp negotiating skills to achieve the best outcomes for the clients at James Noble Family Law Brisbane.

So while working full time in as a paralegal, studying full time law (including winter and summer semesters) and continuing to work after hours in Tennis West to help pay the bills for his young family Charles finished his law degree and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice within four years. Needless to say it was a trying time for Charles and his family however after coming up for air Charles has been practicing in the area of Family Law in Brisbane ever since.

Charles also began playing competition tennis again recently and has realised that he is not as young (or athletic) as he once was. A recurring bout of tennis elbow has hampered his efforts in striving to become the no. 1 over 35 tennis player in Queensland (in his dreams). With reality setting in it looks like Charles will need to be content being the best solicitor he can be and lament his tennis glory days with the all too familiar phrase “The older I get the better I used to be”.

You will see Charles around the Brisbane tennis courts however his cries of “C’mon” while pointing his four fingers and thumb at his face will more likely be replaced with words similar to “I find it exasperatingly unbelievable that I misjudged the flight and trajectory of that last put-away smash” – Any relation to John McEnroe, Charles?

In the practice of Family Law Charles enjoys getting face to face with clients and helping them understand pathways moving forward in their troubling times. Charles’ mottos are “preparation is key” and “be honest and open with your clients and they will appreciate working with you to get through the tough decisions that often need to be made in Family Law”. Charles’ personal attention to each of his client’s needs means that clients walk away from their matter knowing that the job was done the way they wanted after receiving the best advice available.

Charles prides himself on getting to the real reasons for his client’s position so that a more meaningful resolution can be achieved to help preserve the ongoing family relationships of his clients and taking into account their future financial needs.


Working with one of the most experienced and professional Family Lawyers in Australia gives Charles access to the very best advice for you in your Family Law matter.

While Charles regularly advocates for his clients in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia his approach and advice when you first sit down with him is that litigation should be avoided if at all possible and that should your relationship be on reasonable terms with your former partner then it is best to keep it that way for the purpose of communication and negotiation. This is especially important should children be involved and Charles appreciates that the best interests of the children are more important than engaging in family conflict and that children should be protected at all times.

Charles prefers to adopt a collaborative approach in determining family law matters and believes that with expert guidance clients can achieve a large degree of self-determination in getting what they need from an often bad situation.

The most enjoyable part of Charles’ job is meeting new client’s and acknowledging the appreciation they can show after coming into a law office for the first time (in most cases under very emotional and stressful circumstances) and helping them understand that although one chapter of a client’s life has come to an end another is awaiting. Charles genuinely believes he can help that future be a bright one where his client gets the best outcome they can get.

Why not come and see Charles? The ball is in your Court!!

Charles Noble was born and raised in Brisbane. Whilst Charles Noble has travelled and spent time overseas he has always called Brisbane home and is now raising his family here.

Charles’ Specialty and Passion is Family Law and after graduating from QUT Law School has focussed his legal skills solely in Family Law in Brisbane. He has been a Family Lawyer since 2012.