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Should Employers Introduce a Social Media Policy?

Should Employers Introduce a Social Media Policy?
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  • August 30, 2018

Should Employers Introduce a Social Media Policy?

In Australia, some 12 million people have Facebook accounts. Then there are all the other popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. The modern world has become obsessed with posting anything and everything publicly on various forms of social media.

As an employer, should you place restrictions on what your employees can post on their private social media accounts? Is it even any of your business?

Private Vs Professional

What people may do in their private lives might seem like none of an employer’s business, but when it comes to behavior, particularly on social media, it can have an impact on the reputation of your company.

After all, your employees are company representatives, and you don’t want them to be seen behaving inappropriately on their social media accounts.

People have had their employment terminated for social media abuse, and often it’s warranted.

Behavior such as defaming the company they work for, posting derogatory comments on something like Facebook about a work colleague, or anything else controversial that could paint your business in a negative light.

The best way to ensure employees “behave” on social media, and so you have some legal standing in the event of terminating someone’s employment due to social media poor form, is to have in place clear social media policies for all employees to abide by.

This doesn’t just pertain to how a worker uses their social media accounts during work hours, but in their own time as well.

Company Reputation

It’s your business and your company reputation on the line, so it’s imperative that you draw up a list of clear and reasonable social media policies. These policies also need to be clearly and regularly communicated to your staff to ensure complete understanding and compliance. Make the policies fair, and also ensure that senior staff set a good example to follow.

To discuss your social media policies or to determine your legal standing in the event you need to terminate someone’s employment for breach of your social media policies, talk to your employment law experts in Brisbane – Aylward Game Solicitors.

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