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Selling your Home? Who Pays the Council Rates and Water Bill?

Selling your Home? Who Pays the Council Rates and Water Bill?
Aylward Game Solicitors
December 17, 2018

When selling your home, Buyers and Sellers often question who pays the council rates and the water bill. Solicitors will ensure adjustments are made at settlement so the council rates and water bills are paid by the appropriate party.    Council Rates When you sell your property you are required to pay council rates and…

UPDATE! Limited Extension To First Homeowners Grant For New Homes
Aylward Game Solicitors
October 9, 2017

UPDATE! The First Homeowners Grant has been extended, but only for a limited time! If you are looking at purchasing your first property, now is the time to act as the First Homeowners Grant has been extended to 31 December 2017 June 30, 2018. First home buyer's approved for the Grant will receive $20,000.00 towards the…

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