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Peter M

Peter M

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  • April 6, 2015

I would like to say that dealing with Ian Field was an experience I will never forget. I contacted Ian in regards to a family law matter after my ex partner decided that I should not have the right to see or communicate with my two young boys aged 6 and 8 simply because she was angry and bitter about our separation. I have never dealt with any law professionals before this time and expected a very different scenario believing that solicitors just do their job follow the law and hope for a good outcome for their clients. I was very wrong when it came to dealing with Ian, from our first meeting at his office I felt his genuine care, compassion and understanding.

Ian made me feel like he makes all his clients feel like their case is the most important even though he has so many to deal with. Ian was happy to phone or email me at any time I had a question or concern and his quick and professional response always made me feel positive. I would like to thank Ian for being there for me at probably the lowest time in my life he was very professional but at the same time Ian was compassionate and caring to my needs. I am sure that Ian and Aylward Game strive to resolve all matters as quickly and cost effectively as possible and their priority is getting the desired result for their clients.

I am happy to say I am in daily telephone contact with my boys again and can visit them when I want to, my ex partner is now communicating with me better than ever before in regards to the children’s welfare.

I would recommend Ian to anyone with family law issues he is a true professional in his field.

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